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Sestina elizabeth bishop thesis

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Seascape by Elizabeth Bishop - Poetry Analysis (How to Read a Poem)

Presented by Mr Ian Tan, this video analyses the poem Seascape by Elizabeth Bishop. Due to copyright laws, the poem cannot be

Analysis of Sestina by Elizabeth Bishop | Owlcation

Sestina elizabeth bishop thesis

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burton watson essay Burton Watson was born on June 13, 1925, in New Rochelle, New York , where his father was a hotel manager. In 1943, at age 17, Watson dropped out of high school to join the U.S. Navy , and was stationed on repair vessels in the South Pacific during the final years of the Pacific Theatre of World War II. World War II . Sestina Thesis. His ship was in the Marshall Islands when the war ended in August 1945, and on September 20, 1945 it sailed to Japan to anchor at the Yokosuka Naval Base , where Watson had his first direct experiences with Japan and online nederlands East Asia. United States of America _ Flag Great Seal MOTTO: In God We Trust Other traditional mottos _ * E pluribus unum ( Latin.

Latin ) (de facto) Out of many, one * Annuit c. Japan . As of December 1, 2015, the city had an estimated population of 108,392 and a population density of 5,140 persons per km2. Sestina Thesis. The total area was 21.08 km2 (8.14 sq mi). CONTENTS* 1 Geography * 1.1 Neighboring municipalities * 2 History * 3 Economy * 4 Education * 5 Transportation * 5.1 Railway * 5.2 Highway * 6 Local attractions * 7 Sister city relations * 8 References * 9 External links GEOGRAPHY Kamagaya. Uw Personal Statement. Kamagaya is located in the northwestern corner of Chiba Prefecture. Sestina Bishop. NEIGHBORING MUNICIPALITIES Chiba Prefecture * Kashiwa. Matsudo * Ichikawa * Funabashi HISTORYThe area around Kamagaya. Kamagaya has been inhabited since prehistory, and archaeologists have found Jomon period shell middens in the area. During the Kamakura period , the area was controlled by the Soma clan . Kamagaya.

Kamagaya flourished in write a conclusion the Edo period 1603–1868 when the area was largely tenryo territory within Shimosa Province. Shimosa Province controlled directly by the Tokugawa shogunate. Chinese characters in any character set that does not contain newly created characters or character substitutions performed after 1946. They are most commonly the characters in bishop thesis the standardized character sets of Taiwan. Taiwan , of Hong Kong and Macau. Macau or in the Kangxi Dictionary. Kangxi Dictionary . The modern shapes of traditional Chinese characters. Chinese characters first appeared with the thesis statement for why college emergence of the clerical script during the Han Dynasty. Han Dynasty , and have been more or less stable since the 5th century (during the Southern and Northern Dynasties .) The retronym traditional Chinese is used to sestina bishop thesis, contrast traditional characters with Simplified Chinese characters. Thesis For Why Is Important. Chinese characters , a standardized character set introduced by the government of the People's Republic of China. China on sestina elizabeth Mainland China.

Mainland China in the 1950s. Good. Simplified Chinese Characters China and Taiwan. Elizabeth Bishop Thesis. Taiwan , and also one of the four official languages of Singapore. Completion. Singapore . Its pronunciation is based on the Beijing dialect , its vocabulary on the Mandarin dialects , and its grammar is based on written vernacular Chinese . Like other varieties of Chinese, Standard Chinese. Standard Chinese is a tonal language with topic-prominent organization and subject–verb–object word order. It has more initial consonants but fewer vowels, final consonants and tones than southern varieties. Standard Chinese. Standard Chinese is an analytic language , though with many compound words . There exist two standardised forms of the sestina elizabeth bishop thesis language, namely PUTONGHUA in Mainland China.

China and GUOYU in Taiwan. Aside from a number of differences in pronunciation and college is important vocabulary, Putonghua is written using simplified Chinese characters. Chinese characters (plus Hanyu Pinyin romanization for teaching), while Guoyu is written using traditional Chinese characters (plus Bopomofo for elizabeth, teaching). There are many characters that are identical between the two systems. Hepburn romanization , Kunrei-shiki romanization (ISO 3602), and for why college is important Nihon-shiki romanization ( ISO 3602 Strict). Variants of the Hepburn system are the most widely used. Japanese is normally written in a combination of logographic characters borrowed from Chinese (kanji ) and syllabic scripts (kana ) which also ultimately derive from Chinese characters. Romaji may be used in any context where Japanese text is targeted at sestina elizabeth bishop non-Japanese speakers who cannot read kanji or kana, such as for names on street signs and passports, and in dictionaries and textbooks for foreign learners of the language. It is also used to transliterate Japanese terms in for why text written in English (or other languages that use the Latin script) on sestina bishop topics related to Japan, such as linguistics, literature, history, and culture. Romaji is the most common way to input Japanese into word processors and online completion computers, and thesis may also be used to display Japanese on essay devices that do not support the display of Japanese characters. PEN/Book-of-the-Month Club Translation Prize PEN American Center to outstanding translations into the English language.

English language . It has been presented annually by PEN American Center. PEN American Center and sestina the Book of the Month Club since 1963. It was the first award in the United States. United States expressly for literary translators. A 1999 New York Times article called it the statement Academy Award of Translation and that the award is thus usually not given to younger translators. The distinction comes with a cash prize of USD $3,000. Any book-length English translation published in the United States.

United States during the year in question is sestina elizabeth bishop eligible, irrespective of the residence or nationality of either the translator or the nederlands original author. The award is sestina elizabeth bishop thesis separate from the similar PEN Award for sentences an essay, Poetry in Translation. Gary Snyder ) perhaps the finest translator of contemporary Japanese poetry into American English. Sestina Elizabeth Bishop. CONTENTS * 1 Life * 2 Selected works * 3 References * 4 External links LIFEThe son of a police officer, he was born in Taiwan. Taiwan in 1942. The family fled back to Japan at the end of WWII and encountered a number of hardships, including living in a stable. He was educated at Doshisha University. Doshisha University in Kyoto. Kyoto , and moved to the United States in 1968. For Why College Is Important. His first job was at the New York branch of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), from April 1969; meanwhile he was translating art books and catalogues anonymously for Weatherhill . The first work to appear under his own name was a small collection of poems by Princess Shikishi . He attracted attention in the Japanese press with the sestina anthology Ten Japanese Poets (1973) and of architecture thesis project his translations were soon published by the Chicago Review . Most of elizabeth bishop, Sato's translations are from Japanese into English, but he has also translated verse by John Ashbery.

John Ashbery into Japanese. Online Nederlands. He has also provided translations of primary sources on the subject of the samurai tradition in feudal Japan. Song dynasty . Sestina Bishop Thesis. A major personality of the Song era, Su was an important figure in masters of architecture project Song Dynasty politics , aligning himself with Sima Guang and others, against the New Policy party led by Wang Anshi. Wang Anshi . Su Shi. Su Shi was famed as an essayist, and his prose writings lucidly contribute to the understanding of topics such as 11th-century Chinese travel literature or detailed information on bishop thesis the contemporary Chinese iron industry . His poetry has a long history of popularity and influence in China, Japan, and essay nederlands other areas in elizabeth thesis the near vicinity and is well known in the English-speaking parts of the world through the translations by Arthur Waley , among others. In terms of the arts, Su Shi. Write A Conclusion For An. Su Shi has some claim to being the pre-eminent personality of the eleventh century.

Dongpo pork , a prominent dish in Hangzhou. Hangzhou cuisine , is sestina elizabeth named in his honor. Website design, code, and AI is Copyrighted (c) 2014 -2015 by Stephen Payne.

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3.4 APPLICATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES 14. 3.5 CONCLUSION: 15. In this part of the assignment, I am going to write about key principles of strategic marketing and its relationship with overall corporate strategy. I will also try to find out how it helps an organisation to achieve its prime competitive objective over its immediate rivals. This will cover learning outcome of section 1 and 2 and sestina elizabeth all its respective assessment criteria.

1.1 ROLE OF STRATEGIC MARKETING IN AN ORGANISATION. According to Kotler (2012. Pg38), 'Strategic planning is the process of developing and of dissertation maintaining a feasible fit between the organization's objectives, skills, and resources and it's changing marketing opportunities'. In fact, strategy is a long term plan of an organisation in order to meet its objectives. The market is very dynamic. Different products and services are developed by different organisation in sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, order to provide best service to online of dissertation the customer.

Strategic marketing will try to help any organisation or companies in developing product or service according to the changes that are occurring in the market. Customers demand and choices change more often. Due to several internal and external factors, the business environment change. In those conditions, strategic marketing is concerned on performing better in the changing condition rather than increasing its sales or revenue figures so that it can have long term effect in the customers. Quality of products or services that is sestina elizabeth, provided to the customers in tough time is the factor that helps to nederlands determine the future of the company.

Strategic marketing is focused on establishing a long-term relationship with its customer rather than selling the product for sestina elizabeth thesis, just once. Customer retention and developing a loyalty with the uw personal brand will ultimately help in boosting the bishop revenue and profit of the organisation which ultimately makes the shareholders and good to end other stakeholders happy. Stakeholders need to be kept happy in order to introduce new business plans and to continue the growth. 1.2RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CORPORATE STRATEGY AND MARKETING STRATEGY. According to Verax Consulting (2011), 'Corporate Strategy at its most basic is like any other strategy-it's a plan or series of plans which are designed to bishop achieve some specific objectives or goal.' Both corporate and marketing strategies are vital to an organisation. They often coincide with each other as major focus of write for an essay marketing includes the strategic planning aspects of developing, pricing and distribution of product. However, corporate strategy is sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, more concerned with profitability initiatives rather than the product or service development. In general, corporate strategy defines the online overall mission of the company.

It guides a particular direction for the company in which it should be guided. Corporate strategies are generally made at the strategic level of the company. As discussed earlier, corporate strategy is focused more on profitability. It includes creating structure for the organization, reducing the sestina elizabeth thesis debt and gearing ratio of the organisation and improving the balance sheet of the company. Similarly, corporate strategy deals with diversifying the statement product line, merger or major takeovers, introducing new technology in the company, diversifying the sestina bishop business, reduction of overhead cost and production cost and increase in online, the overall profit margin of the bishop thesis company. However, marketing strategies involves in making plans of making or selling a product. Marketing strategies revolve around the marketing mix which includes Four Ps. The four Ps of marketing mix are product, price, place and promotion. Considering the uw personal statement marketing mix marketing strategies of the sestina elizabeth company involves in creating a product which has unique selling benefit. The product is targeted in a particular geography for a particular group of people.

Suitable pricing strategy is developed in order to maximize the profit of the company. Similarly, different channels are used in selling the product but proper care is taken in masters of architecture, preserving the sestina elizabeth thesis brand image. Different advertising and promotions activities are done using social media to let people know about the new products and brand. There should be proper monitoring from the executive level of the company to know whether the for an company's marketing strategy are moving with the company's corporate strategy. In fact corporate strategy guides the marketing strategy of the company. Let us take an elizabeth, example of high profile clothing chain Burberry which purchases another retail clothing chain Primark in order to capture both high profile customers and price-sensitive customers. This is the corporate strategy of the company.

The marketing department of the company will suggest the management of the company not to merge the two companies but operate separate brands using centralized Administrative services. If the company merge the two products and sell under the same name, it would confuse both sets of consumers and finally damage the brands. Burberry customers which are usually high profile will hesitate to go back to the store and the Primark customer which are usually price-sensitive assumes that the good price has gone up which they cannot afford. Thus, there is a very close relationship between the marketing and corporate strategy of the company. 1.3PROCESS OF FORMULATION OF MARKETING STRATEGY. According to Alex Saez of thesis Demand Media, 'Marketing Strategy formulation is the process of defining an organisation marketing goals and objectives'. Nederlands. The formulators will create a guide through this. In this process they examines the sestina elizabeth market and use the information received in determining the write essay approaches that should be taken in reaching the clients and encourage them to use the product or service. In the process of formulation of marketing strategy, the first step that should be considered is the determination of what a company or person want to achieve in terms of marketing. Elizabeth Bishop. Some of the basic things may be to let customers know what the company is selling and how they can benefit by using them. The second step can be the analysis of existing external and internal trends.

The internal trend can be the launch of new version of a particular product like Samsung introducing new Samsung S5 mobile. The external trend can be is to analyse how the new version will be able to compete in uw personal statement, the market where there are a lot of similar products. It is like to sestina elizabeth bishop thesis analyse how Samsung new version of mobile will be able to compete with new brand of iPhone and Sony Ericsson mobiles. The third step in the process is to assign a value to the outcome of the strategy which is to uw personal calculate how much revenue or profit the marketing strategy will be able to generate over a period of time. If the sestina elizabeth thesis value is not cost effective, the product may not be suitable for uw personal, the company to produce. Sometime the cost of production of a product or service can be much higher than the revenue.

At that time, other alternatives must be chosen. After setting a certain target, each department of the company is given a particular task to identify their role in achieving the sestina elizabeth bishop thesis strategic goals. Good To End An Essay. This will help company to know what will be the position of the company after the implementation of the strategy in terms of size and revenue. In final step of the process, all the information that were gathered are analysed and only the bishop strategy that suits and best fits to the company's goals and for an essay objectives is chosen. 1.4 DECISIONS AND CHOICES AT CORPORATE LEVEL. Fig: 1.4 Strategic Pyramids ( In the sestina thesis strategic pyramid of a company, corporate strategy level always comes at write for an essay the apex of the pyramid. At this level, most of the major decisions of the company are taken. Ansoff matrix will help the management level in determining the marketing strategy that the company should adopt. It can be better understood by sestina bishop, the following figure. Fig: Ansoff matrix (Source: Business Analysis, ACCA)

If the company wants to increase the share in online essay nederlands, the current market of its existing product, it can take a strategy to reduce the price of the product so that more people buy it. Sestina Elizabeth Bishop. Sometimes the company has to go into good sentences to end an essay, new market with its product to increase its market. Management has to decide on introducing new product on sestina elizabeth thesis its existing market whereas sometimes the company has to go into new market by developing completely new product. All the major decisions are taken at corporate level. Porter's generic strategy tells how a company compete in the current market. To End. Decisions are made at corporate level in determining which strategy the company should choose. Sestina Bishop. It can be by taking a focus strategy or differentiation strategy or cost leadership strategy. In focus strategy, the management focus particularly on niche market.

They try understanding the dynamics of the market and needs of the customers. In differentiation strategy, the strategy is taken in order to make the product or service different from the customer. They try to introduce attractive product to the customers. Similarly, in cost leadership strategy, strategies are made in statement, order to reduce the cost of the bishop product and sentences to end selling at lower price than that of competitors. These type of strategies and decisions are made at corporate level. It guides the activities that should be performed at business and functional level. 1.5DECISIONS AT BUSINESS AND FUNCTIONAL LEVEL. After the elizabeth bishop decisions are made at corporate level, it comes to the business level where unlike the corporate level, they focus on particular business. There are different departments like finance, human resources and research who are assigned a particular job to perform.

Each of them set their own targets and develops distinctive capabilities and competitive advantage. They try to identify the product or market opportunities. Write A Conclusion For An Essay. The strategies that are made at business level are concerned with whether the elizabeth bishop thesis operations that are performed at this level match with the overall objectives made at corporate level. Strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of individual units are identified at this level and online decisions are made. They guide the functional level in sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, performing their duty. Decisions made at functional level are more concerned in managing the functional areas of the company. In fact, functional level is online of dissertation, assigned the duty to convert the decision made at corporate level and business level into deeds.

There are different departments such as marketing and sales, human resources, research and finance. Each function contributes towards achieving the targets. It deploys specialists within the particular functional areas and integrates different activities within it. 1.6 COMPETITIVE POSITIONING OF AN ORGANISATION. In order to compete in a market, an organisation should have clear sets of goal or objectives. Only clear sets of goals give a proper direction to the company. There are various competitors in the market but the company has to build competitive strategy which can give sustainable competitive advantage over the rivals.

While achieving the marketing objective of the elizabeth company, a company faces different types of risks. There are many competitors who are selling the statement for why college same or similar products or service in the business environment. There are many new competitors in the market who come up with different marketing strategies. Change in government regulations, tax and bishop other charges, environmental regulation often brings obstacles to the company. The risk should be tried to be minimized or avoided. Sometime the good sentences to end an essay risk can be transferred to other companies like insurance company whereas sometime it has to be accepted. A company can introduce itself in the market by being a market leader. In that case, it has to minimize the price of the product. While doing so, the company may not generate enough profit which affects the future strategy of the company. Elizabeth Bishop. In order to reduce the masters of architecture thesis project cost of the product, the sestina production cost should be minimized.

At that condition, the quality may be compromised which ultimately affect the uw personal future of the company. This strategy is beneficial when there are lots of competitors in sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, the market selling similar product or service. Sometime company has to take some risky approach in order to keep itself in strong position in nederlands, the competitive market. It has to challenge by going into new market or introducing the new product. Sestina Thesis. Launching expensive gadgets in developing countries seems to be risky but there may be people who can afford the product.

In those conditions, company can benefit by challenging the masters of architecture market. There are conditions when company has to simply follow competitors. They wait and sit until someone goes into elizabeth bishop, new market or produce different product in the existing market. Once the strategy seems successful, they come up with their product in the market. They don't want to take risk. Many hospitality business runs on write essay this basis. Similarly, a company can have competitive advantage by focussing on sestina elizabeth thesis small or niche market. There are different businesses which are focused on particular group of people. Luxury brands like Ferrari, Porsche and Rolex are focussed on affluent customer who can pay premium amount to get the product or service. Their marketing strategy is to attract particular group of people than the ordinary people.

To sum of the principles of good sentences strategic marketing, strategically developed marketing strategies are the elizabeth building block of overall corporate strategy. However, we must always keep in mind that wrong strategy can give completely wrong direction to an organisation and it will be impossible for any organisation to meet its prime objectives. I am going to discuss on how strategic marketing analysis can be carried out. I have prepared slides which I am going to discuss in this presentation. 2.2 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS. At the beginning, on the first slide, I am going to make an online, evaluation on internal environment of the sestina bishop company which is considered as a vital for making any strategy for a company. Internal environment of the company includes the company`s internal stakeholders including employees, shareholders and management. The management of the company formulates the mission and objectives for of architecture, the company based on the available resources, capabilities and competencies of the sestina elizabeth organisation. While doing the internal analysis, the management can identify how its strength can assist in sentences to end an essay, achieving its goals and how its weaknesses may hampers the plans. It is very important for making any good marketing strategy for the company. While discussing on the internal environment, resource based approach will help company to identify its resources and sestina elizabeth capabilities.

While making any strategy for marketing, its needs different resources such as tangible and statement intangible assets like finance, premises, manpower, skills and knowledge. These resources will assist the company to react in the dynamic condition. This will help company to exploit the opportunities available in the market. If the thesis company doesn't have enough funds to invest in new project or doesn't have skilled manpower to write for an essay identify the sestina elizabeth opportunities available in the market, then the company faces problems of growth and expansion. Similarly, it helps to identify how rare the company strategy is and online completion whether it can easily be copied by bishop thesis, the competitor. These types of things are analysed during internal environment analysis. Similarly, it is considered vital to do value-chain analysis. There are two types of value chain- industry value chain and company's internal value chain. Good Sentences To End An Essay. In this assignment company's internal value chain is considered as important and discussed. There are four steps while evaluating the sestina elizabeth bishop thesis company's internal value chain which are identification of value chain, determination of strategic activities, tracing costs to activities and improving the management of value chain activities.

In first stage, different activities that create value to the company like structural, procedural and good operational activities are identified. In second stage, among the different activities only the sestina elizabeth thesis activities which are strategic are chosen. Thesis For Why College. Company try to find out the opportunities which it can exploit to create value to future customers. In the third stage, different accounting techniques are assigned to trace cost to different activities on the value chain. In the final stage, company try to manage different activities of the elizabeth bishop value chain in order to uw personal reduce cost and be better than the competitors. 2.3 EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS. After the internal analysis, it is bishop thesis, really important to find out the good sentences an essay external factors that affect the company's marketing strategy. External environment can be divided into micro and macro environment. I have used the PESTEL (political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal) framework to bishop discuss different factors.

Political factors include the political stability in the country, stability of the government, government policy and programmes that affect the statement businesses. Different political parties in the country have different political agendas and often formulate different policies when they are in bishop, the government which may affect the existing or new investments. Along with political factor, economic factor is also key in determining the completion marketing strategy for the company. Sestina Bishop Thesis. There are different aspects like basic wage rate, personal income tax and corporation tax, inflation rate and of architecture thesis project economic growth rate of the country. Technological factor is also considered as very important. Technological development has made life very easy and competitive. If we want to concentrate on marketing, there are different modes of marketing in current days. Company can do marketing through internet, mobiles along with classical means like newspaper, television and sestina radio. Environmental issues are also considered as very important factors.

Environmental conservation group must be kept happy while implementing different plans. Different regulations must be followed. Legal factors are also considered important. There may be change in different rules and regulation which must be updated while making strategy. There may incur heavy penalty if company doesn't comply the rules and online completion regulation. Microenvironment of the company is another important factor to affect the company's marketing strategy. Customers, suppliers, intermediaries, public, competitors and components need to be analysed during the analysis of microenvironment. Customers are the users of the product or service.

They should be provided the elizabeth correct information regarding the thesis for why is important product or service. Suppliers need to elizabeth be kept happy. Different Medias are the suppliers during the marketing. They need to be paid on time. There are other intermediaries like agents who help to for an link the thesis company with suppliers and customers. Along with this, there are public who are interested in the company's investment towards society and community. They expect them to uw personal react in most ethical way explaining their financial status, debt structure and liabilities. Customers often come with different product and services. Elizabeth Thesis. There should be uniqueness in the product in good sentences to end, order to create value of the goods/ service which is hard for competitors to copy. There are other components like culture and traditions, values and beliefs that are existing in sestina, a particular community or geographic location which need to write be considered while marketing. In the next slide I am going to discuss on the analysis of the competitor.

In the first stage, it is essential to identify who are the competitors in the market selling similar product or service. Then on the next two stages, the competitors that are in the market and sestina elizabeth bishop new competitors that are coming in the future are analysed. After that they are ranked according to their effect to the company. In the next stage, the analysis in the market is done. Finally, company's performance is compared with the most successful competitor in the market. 2.4 INTEGRATION OF INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL FACTOR. Although internal and external environment are discussed separately, it is not possible to make decision or strategy based on completion the analysis of only one component. Both the internal and external environment should be integrated.

A different framework called SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis is done in order to sestina elizabeth bishop find out integration between them. Strength and online completion of dissertation weaknesses look after the internal factor of the company whereas opportunities and threats look after the external factor. It is essential to look after the internal factors of the company before determining strength and weaknesses of the company. Company's management structure, financial capability, operational efficiency and decision making process are analysed. There can be different strength of a company. Multi-skilled staff helps company to bishop thesis perform its work efficiently and effectively.

Low cost has always been the strength of any company. Fewer management levels help in uw personal, quick decision making process. Enough resources and elizabeth financial capabilities help company to make new investments. There may be many weaknesses in a company which stops company in moving forward. Heavy reliance on external environment is online completion of dissertation, considered as weaknesses. Lack of competent staff, limited resources, complicated board structure and slow decision making process hinders in moving forward. External factors provide opportunities and threats for a company. Favourable rules and regulations, development of good infrastructure, low competition, availability of resources and big market are some of the opportunities that help company in making new strategy. Similarly, there can be threats from new entrants and the existing competitors. Change in tax rate, increase in basic pay and environmental regulations are threat for any company.

Thus, internal and external environment analysis is very important for good marketing strategy. To: The Manager, Millie's Cookies. From: ABC Marketing Solutions. Subject: Strategic Marketing Analysis of Millie's Cookies. Date: 24 February 2014. We are very happy to develop a marketing strategy for Millie`s Cookies. In this report, I am going to discuss on how marketing strategies can be used to give greater competitive advantage for Millie`s Cookies. 3.2 MARKETING STRATEGIES THAT CAN BE ADOPTED BY A COMPANY. Since Millie's cookie is elizabeth bishop thesis, one of the best retailers of cookies in London, there are many marketing strategies that the sentences to end company can adopt to maintain and thesis promote its business.

It can use STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning) approach. Segmentation: Market Segmentation is a process of dividing a market into distinct groups of buyers with different needs, characteristics, or behaviour that might require separate products or marketing programs (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012). Masters. Since, Millie's cookies are found all over thesis, the UK, it is better to segment the customer based on the age group. Cookies consumption is different on uw personal different age group. So, I have tried to segment the consumer based on the group. Different age group like children, youth, adult and old is made.

Targeting: Target Marketing is a process of evaluating each market segment's attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter (Kotler and sestina elizabeth bishop thesis Armstrong, 2012). It is not possible for write a conclusion for an essay, the entire segment to accept one strategy. Only a particular segment can be targeted to focus. I have tried to focus on children who are easily attracted towards sweet things. Positioning: It is the process of arranging a product to occupy a distinctive, clear, desirable place relative to competing products in elizabeth bishop thesis, order to increase sales. I suggest reducing the price of the cookies to make it more affordable to children and include some attractive toys and thesis for why is important sweets in the product. Relationship Strategies: it is the strategy to sestina bishop thesis foster loyalty of customer, interaction with them and maintain the long-term engagement. It focuses on customer acquisition, retention and extension.

Since acquisition of children as customer is easy due to sweet taste of the cookies they can be retained by reducing the price as they don't have enough money. Product Innovation and online Development: It is sestina elizabeth thesis, another important strategy in marketing. Children can be attracted towards the product by developing more attractive and tasty cookies. Millie's can introduce cup cakes and celebration cakes for birthdays and events. Branding: According to American Marketing Association(AMA), ' Brand is a name, term, sign, symbol design or a combination of thesis is important them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from other sellers.' Millie's can use its brand name to exploit its opportunities. It can be the best brand among the children by being more attractive and tasty. Customer can be retained for long time since they keep on buying till they turn adult. Marketing and Distribution: Marketing and sestina bishop distribution are two important ways of improving the sales of the company.

Marketing can be done by Millis cookies through television (especially on Cartoon Programmes which are most watched by Children) and through hoarding boards in front of schools. A Conclusion For An Essay. Some free sample cookies can be distributed in schools, nurseries and children parks. Price should be kept very low so that children can buy cookies with their pocket money. 3.3 ANALYSIS OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES. According to Felicia Greene of Demand Media, 'Marketing communication helps to develop brand awareness, which means that consumers translate product information into perceptions about the bishop thesis product's attributes and its position within the larger market'. Sentences To End An Essay. MARCOM is the elizabeth bishop thesis abbreviation of marketing communication and uw personal it build on marketing strategy plan. The first thing is to create a marketing objective that specifies what we want customer to do after they learn from the communication. Bishop. In case of Millie's Cookies, the objective can be to increase the number of masters project children in bishop thesis, the shop by 10%. Different electronic Medias and statement for why is important other means like children books can be used in bishop thesis, messaging the product of good sentences to end Millie's cookies among the sestina bishop thesis children. As discussed earlier, Millie's can do its advertisement in cartoon programmes, fun fares and other children programmes to let children about the product.

A good relation can be set with the public by investing little of the profit on children park in maintenance can help to generate goodwill of Millie`s among the parents. After choosing a suitable communication vehicle, cost of the process should be matched with the budget and adjusted. In the final step they can make tactical implementation and each communication vehicle is released. Frequency of the advertisement in TV can be kept at minimum during the week days and statement maximum at weekends when children are staying at home watching TVs. When there are many festivals during summer in sestina, different part of UK, advertisement can be done on those places. Communication is to be done at international level to of architecture project know about different marketing plans operating abroad. Millie's should keep its competitive advantage over its rival by being cheaper and affordable for children. The marketing works should be well operated and sestina thesis properly supervision so that the campaign is on right direction.

Measurement of the progress is to be recorded and analysed. Work should be evaluated by using external consultants. 3.4 APPLICATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES. The marketing strategy focusing on the children can be applicable for Millie`s cookies. Millie's can invest enough money on marketing campaign in television and also can use cheap marketing campaigns like distributing free cookies to children in parks and fun fares. If we look at statement the external environment, it seems much favourable in the UK. People are affluent can invest any amount on food and luxury items. Bishop. Children are free to choose their food which helps adopt the marketing strategy.

Although cost of advertisement in TV is uw personal, high in the UK, they can use alternative means like hoarding boards, leaflets to let people know about their product. Similarly, Millie's have enough resources and skilful people to carry out the elizabeth marketing process. The decision making process is quiet easy due to small team in management. Quick decision saves extra cost and prevents the loss of opportunities. If the above marketing strategy is implemented by a conclusion essay, the company, then, the company can achieve its objective within very short period of time. It can have a competitive advantage over its rivals. Aung. et. al .2001.

Core competencies of service firms a framework for strategic decisions in international markets. Sestina Bishop Thesis. Journal of Marketing Management.17(7/8).pp619-643. Baker,M.2000. Strategic Marketing Plan Audit. London: Prentice Hall.

Etingen, A. Online. 2011.Business Analysis. London: Interactive Worldwide. David, F. R. 2007. Strategic Management Concepts and Cases. 11th edition. New York: Prentice Hall. Porter, M, E. Sestina Bishop. 1988.Competitive Strategy.

New York: The Free Press. Jagersma Pieter, K. 2006. Strategic Marketing and the global banking industry elements of excellence. Journal of Business Strategy.27(4),pp50-59. Kotler, P Armstrong, G.2012. Principles of Marketing.14th edition. London: Pearson Education.

Lancaster, 1998. An empirical investigation into the process of strategic marketing planning in SMEs. Journal of masters of architecture thesis project Marketing Management. 14(8)pp853-878. Lee, K Carter, S. Elizabeth. 2005. Global Marketing Management: Changes, Challenges. and New Strategies. New York:Oxford University Press Inc. Piercy Nigel,F.2009.

Market led Stategic Change.Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann. Porter's Generic Competitive Strategies (ways of competing). 2014. Porter's Generic Competitive Strategies (ways of competing). [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 February 2014]. Porter's Generic Strategies - Strategy Skills Training from 2014. A Conclusion For An. Porter's Generic Strategies - Strategy Skills Training from [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 February 2014]. Prahalad, C.K., and sestina elizabeth bishop thesis Hamel, G. 1990. 'The Core Competence of Corporations', Harvard. Business Review, 68(3)pp 79-91. Strategy pyramid | On Product Management.

2014. strategy pyramid | On Product Management. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 February 2014]. Value Chain Analysis. 2014. Value Chain Analysis. [ONLINE] Available at: Of Architecture Project. [Accessed 24 February 2014] What is Branding and How Important is it to Your Marketing Strategy?.

2014.What is Branding and How Important is it to Your Marketing Strategy?. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 25 February 2014]. What is a corporate strategy? - Verax Consulting. 2014. What is a corporate strategy? - Verax Consulting. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 25 February 2014]. What Is Marketing Strategy Formulation? | 2014. What Is Marketing Strategy Formulation? | [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 February 2014]. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Marketing essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question? There are UK writers just like me on elizabeth bishop thesis hand, waiting to help you.

Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to thesis for why college is important your essay question. Just complete our simple order form and sestina elizabeth thesis you could have your customised Marketing work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. This Marketing essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This page has approximately words. If you use part of this page in your own work, you need to provide a citation, as follows: Essay UK, Analysis Of Strategic Marketing . Available from: [05-10-17]. If you are the original author of online completion this content and no longer wish to have it published on our website then please click on the link below to request removal: Essay UK offers professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service. Our work is high quality, plagiarism-free and delivered on time.

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How to Find Resumes on the Internet with Google. Want to elizabeth bishop thesis, learn how to find resumes on the Internet using Google? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you are new to project, searching the sestina elizabeth thesis Internet for resumes or you are a veteran Interent sourcer, I’ve included some tips, tricks, and observations for the novice and masters of architecture thesis project, expert alike. When using Google to search specifically for sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, resumes, it’s a good idea to begin by searching for the word “resume” in the title and/or the uw personal statement url of web pages. For example: (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) Here is a sample result to illustrate how this works – we can see the word “Resume” in the blue TITLE line, as well as in the green URL line.

The first line of any search result is the title of the sestina elizabeth bishop thesis webpage, and the url is the specific web page’s address. Targeting the word “resume” in the title and/or url is very handy, because for many people, it’s simply common sense/instinct to either title the web page containing their resume with the thesis statement for why college word “resume,” and/or save their resume using the word “resume” in the name of the file. Eliminating False Positive Results. A “false positive” result is sestina elizabeth a search result that contains your search terms, but does not match the “essence” of write a conclusion, what you are actually trying to find. For example – if you’re searching for resumes, there are many sites that will be returned in your search results that are in fact not resumes, such as sites advertising resume samples and job postings that mention phrases such as, “submit resumes to…”

In order to remove most non-resume false positive results, you can use Google’s version of the elizabeth thesis Boolean NOT operator, which is the minus sign, to statement, prevent your search from returning results with words such as sample, job, etc. (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples. Other ideas of terms you can try to eliminate that may return false positive results: -eoe -submit -free -”resume service” -template -”resume service” -“resume writers” -“resume writing” Some people who decide to make their resume available on elizabeth bishop thesis, the Internet also decide to publish a phone number. Thesis For Why Is Important. To find these folks, you can try and include local area codes in your search in attempt to find them. Here is an example of a search using area codes to sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, target people who live in Northern VA: (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -“resume service” (703 OR 571) What you’ll notice, however, is that searching for area codes can easily produce false positive results, as can be seen in the screenshot below – which are the a conclusion essay first 4 results from the search. Result #3 and #4 mention the number 571, but it’s not referenced as an area code, so they are false positive, non-local results.

To clean up the false positive results that mention 571 or 703 but are not of resumes of people who live in VA, you can add the state and state abbreviation to the search as well as exclude more non-resume terms and phrases: While there are still a good number of bishop thesis, non-resume false positive results, this can be expected because we didn’t even search for any keywords/skills. Once we do, we will notice a significant drop off in false positives. Another way to search for local resumes is to target a zip code radius. While Google doesn’t support true zip code search functionality, we can leverage the fact that Google supports searching for numbers within a range, otherwise known as “numrange” search. You can perform a numrange search on online, any sequential (low to high) set of numbers by typing two periods between the numbers without any spaces. Thesis. This is completion of dissertation especially helpful because we can exploit this search functionality and adapt it to performing a zip code radius search. For example, take your target zip code and use this handy zip code radius lookup application, which you can use to sestina bishop, search for zip codes in a radius and sort the zip codes within the radius from uw personal, low to sestina bishop, high. Using a central zip code of 75201 in Dallas, TX and targeting a 20 mile radius, we can use that zip code radius application to get a range of uw personal statement, zip codes from a low zip code of 75001 to a high zip code of 76155. Using Google’s numrange search syntax, here is an example of sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, a search string targeting people within a 20-mile radius of thesis is important, 75201 in TX:

Sample results: you can see the thesis zip code search worked beautifully: Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when searching for essay, local resumes: Not everyone will publish a phone number on their resume If they do publish a phone number on their resume, it could be a cell phone with a non-local area code if they relocated from another area – this is why is can be helpful to search for sestina bishop thesis, zip codes as well as area codes If they don’t publish a phone number at all, they should at least mention a city and/or state. Targeting Resumes That Are Not Titled As “Resume” Although plenty of online essay, people do title their resume or the web page containing their resume with the word “resume,” there are some people who don’t. After searching for sestina bishop thesis, all of the results that DO contain the an essay word “resume” in thesis the URL or title of the web page, you need to sentences to end, try to eliminate them from future search results using Google’s NOT operator, the minus sign, to specifically target the results that don’t mention resume in the title or URL. For example: Don’t be tempted to try and write that as -(inurl:resume OR intitle:resume), because Google will not read that search string in the manner in which you intend. Instead of eliminating results with the word “resume” in either the URL or the title, Google will in fact will do the exact opposite. Click here to see the sad reality. Sorry Google.

Next, you’ll have to sestina elizabeth bishop, think about words that are commonly found on online, resumes, such as “objective,” “summary,” “experience,” “employment,” “skills,” “history,” “education,” etc. Then you’ll have to try and elizabeth thesis, reduce false positive results of job postings, resume sample sites and such, and also target local results. Putting it all together, your search string could look like this: First page results: We can see that the online nederlands first result is sestina elizabeth essentially of to end an essay, a resume, yet the person saved their work history as “biodata.” See? Some people don’t use the bishop word resume. Write A Conclusion For An Essay. :-) Looking at the second result, we can see that the word “resume” is actually highlighted in elizabeth bishop thesis the url of the second result – which technically should not happen, as we coupled Google’s NOT/- operator with inurl:resume.

Yet more proof that Boolean search does not = Internet search. That’s 2 strikes, Google. The third result is definitely not a resume – it is a LinkedIn directory by name, within which is at of dissertation, least one positive hit on bishop thesis, our search terms. While there are no doubt resumes on the Internet that do not mention the word “resume,” anywhere within them, I have found that when you stray from targeting the word “resume” in sentences to end web page titles and URLs, you can quickly find yourself swimming in a sea of false positive results, which is a huge time drain. I believe the sestina 80/20 Pareto principle solidly applies here: You will get 80% of your viable results from targeted resume searches and the other 20% from searching without targeting the write essay word “resume.” Likewise, you can easily waste 80% of your time trying to sort through the sea of false positives in order to dig up the 20% of resumes that do not mention the elizabeth thesis term. I’ve provided you with a quick overview of thesis college, how to effectively utilize Google to search for resumes on the Internet. Be aware though – all is not perfect in sestina elizabeth when hunting for good sentences to end an essay, resumes in Google land – if you have not already, please read these 2 posts: The Internet has Free Resumes – So What?and Boolean search does not = Internet search. For those of thesis, you who read this post and asked why I:

didn’t talk about searching for CV’s didn’t suggest using the tilde. operator in online conjuntion with the word “resume” didn’t use - job when trying to eliminate false positive results didn’t talk about elizabeth bishop thesis targeting filetypes didn’t talk about just searching for the word “resume” without using it in conjunction with inurl: or intitle: didn’t mention Google CSE’s. Excellent Article! Real insight seen in the description and also hands on expertise. I believe this way you could simply recruit using an internet connection and nothing else.

This is online very impressive. Also you will be able to get better candidature as opposed to sestina, people using job boards. Thanks Glen! This really was a value addition to of dissertation, my efforts! I have tried the search as ‘ Java -intitle:resume -inurl:resume (objective OR summary) (experience OR history) education -job -jobs -sample -samples’ which you have mentioned. But I didn’t get any result from linkedin site. If I modify the search keyword as ‘ Java -intitle:resume -inurl:resume -job -jobs’ then I got result from linkedin site but it displays events also along with candidates. I found this article very interesting and sestina bishop thesis, appealing as I have been trying to learn ways to do sourcing for uw personal, resumes on the internet.

I am trying to learn ways to form such a string on either google or any other tool/site. I am new to this and can hardly understand all the requirements.Could you be kind enough to post an article for the same? I have already subscribed on this site. Thanks a lot for elizabeth bishop, your article, i have heard about resume search in google but i dont know how to statement, do it. After reading your article i have got an sestina elizabeth bishop, idea to do it.. i will try. please post me the uw personal statement articles related to this search and job search in US. i do appriciate your help… Thank you so much.

Hey, thanks a lot for all the elizabeth bishop thesis information you are sharing with. Its real cool. How ever I would like to know more about sourcing the resume. Please help me out. I’m really great full about this article.

I’m currently new in thesis is important the field of Human Resource. And I’m currently using an online subscription based resume search. But unfortunately, it’s not enough to fullfill my search. I’m currently looking for a faster and accurate resume search. Excellent article, with a ton of great search refining information.

I have what seems like a dumb question that I must ask. I am searching Google for Android engineers and have used the following string: android engineer OR Mobile Programmer resume filetype:pdf -guide -events -hire -amazon -job -jobs -manual. I have returned ok results… Here is my question, how do I eliminate European countries and bishop thesis, Canada from my results? I look forward to your reply. Thanks again. Internet Resume Search 2.0 does all the internet search work for you using the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing at: Thank you so much for this article. Can you send me few tips with example to my personal gmail id

Great article! Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Essay. It’s going to be very useful for my searches. I do have one question though, how do I narrow a search for a SEO expert who needs to have worked on one of the thesis top Alexa 100 sites? Basically, how do I add criteria to statement, my search? how to type the bishop thesis keywords for the need requirment……… Designing was passion so got it worked for, have a look on the new trends of Designers. Hi Glen; I tried your string on Google and a conclusion for an, indeed was very helpful i getting resumes in USA, but i mostly work on European requirements, can you please advise how to source if i am looking out for profiles in multiple countries in sestina bishop thesis Europe with Bilingual language option.

Thanks. Very informative, that’s exactly what i am looking for. Specially in finding that quality resume which sometimes tends to be not so inviting after all,. You got a good theme but sometimes fail in masters thesis editing, that’s sometimes the sickness of a resume. You’re right. Sestina Elizabeth. And, are you kiddin’me, i’ve been looking that information for weeks. Great Post plus i like the masters of architecture website’s layout. Elizabeth Thesis. I’m going to bookmark this up for the reliable information that i think i’m gonna be needing sooner or later. Awesome! I was looking for Boolean for masters of architecture, zipcode and radius and got here exactly what I was looking for plus lot of additional new stuff..Excellent way of putting the concept and explaination..Thanks for the article! I am looking for guides on recruitment sales techniques such as how to sestina bishop thesis, close a candidate or a manager… does anyone can help?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help! I learnt a lot from this article…..thanks a lot…… Finding the resume is easy but finding the good resumes with all the uw personal contents is thesis very difficult!! Need job send your resume to resumes@reclutaconsultant, For what type of Position and Company? there is an advanced search in google homepage…u can search for resumes from there in different formats and techniques…try them till u find the essay right one. thanks.

Thank you so much for thesis, writing this article! It is by far the most useful and easy to understand introduction to nederlands, Boolean I have found. I have a bit of a tailored question for you, what is your success in using Boolean to find data scientists? I’ve been having a hard time finding them and was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if they just don’t tend to post their resumes online. I would greatly appreciate any insights you have to offer! (I didn’t see an article about this in your blog but sorry in advance if it is in elizabeth bishop there and I missed it.) can u please mention the online completion of dissertation strings to elizabeth, search resumese with complete details.

oh i need to fix my problem in various ways, how could help me in this situation … Cathey is a sourcing and thesis statement for why is important, recruiting thought leader with over sestina elizabeth bishop thesis, 16 years. of experience working in a conclusion essay large staffing agency and global RPO. environments (1,000 recruiters and elizabeth bishop, nearly 100,000 hires annually). Starting out his career as a top producing recruiter, he quickly. advanced into senior management roles and now currently serves as the. SVP of Strategic Talent Acquisition and Innovation for Kforce, working. out of their renowned National Recruiting Center with over 300. recruiters. Statement College Is Important. Often requested to speak on sourcing and recruiting best.

practices, trends and strategies, Glen has traveled internationally to. present at many talent acquisition conferences (5X LinkedIn Talent. Connect – U.S. ’10, ’11, ’12, Toronto ’12, London ’12, 2X Australasian. Talent Conference – Sydney Melbourne ’11, ’12, 6X SourceCon, 2X. TruLondon, 2X HCI) and is regularly requested to present to companies. (e.g., PwC, Deloitte, Intel, Booz Allen Hamilton, Citigroup, etc.).

This. blog is bishop thesis his personal passion and does not represent the views or. opinions of anyone other than himself. Online Completion. – See more at: Good afternoon, this seems very interesting. Elizabeth Bishop Thesis. I am a recruiter and trying to search for a position within a certain area – how do I do this? Maria Gomez.

pls tell about a article on web designer that work on the web designer company and also know the method of create websites.

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10 Most Common IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics. The post will give you the 10 most common IELTS Writing Task 2 topics. A question my students keep asking, again and again, is #8216;What are the most common IELTS writing part 2 topics?#8217; They are worried that they won#8217;t be familiar with the thesis topic and masters of architecture thesis project, will not have any relevant ideas. This is elizabeth especially true for students from #8216;developing#8217; countries, because most of the questions are #8216;first world#8217; problems and issues. Let#8217;s turn that disadvantage into an advantage. To answer the question I have asked my students over the last few years to send me the topics on their exams. A big thank you, to statement those students, who were kind enough to send me their questions. I have built up a huge amount of questions and I think it is about time to analyse them. Sestina Bishop Thesis! Are the same Writing Task 2 topics repeated?

The answer is yes and no. There are a huge amount of topics that come up in writing task 2. At last count there were around 50 different topics (based on collecting data over the last few years) and if you would like all 50, please let me know, but I#8217;m more concerned about the online topics that come up again and again. If you have time to familiarise yourself with over 50 topics then please do, but I think must people have to be smart with their time and it therefore makes more sense to sestina elizabeth bishop thesis prioritise the most common topics. I try to encourage my students to be efficient when it comes to learning. However, I don#8217;t agree with the saying #8216;Work smart, not hard#8217; as this implies you can do very little work and still achieve your goals. My motto is work hard and smart. Write A Conclusion For An Essay! There are 10 general topics that come up more often than all of the rest put together. They are: So what can I do with this information?

Now you know the common topics there are 3 things you can do: 1. Develop a vocabulary list for each topic. Elizabeth! Having relevant vocabulary for each topic will give you a big advantage. Many students fail to provide relevant vocabulary and thesis statement college is important, their band score suffers. When looking at new vocabulary try to guess the meaning from context first and sestina elizabeth, then look up the meaning to make sure your idea matches the actual meaning. Also, be sure to look at online, the word within a sentence to sestina bishop be aware of the way it relates to other words. When recording vocabulary do it in a way that will help YOU remember it. Everyone learns in a different way and everyone learns vocabulary in a different way.

Some people like to thesis for why college is important draw pictures beside the word, some people like to write synonyms or antonyms, others prefer to write a few sentences and some people like to sestina elizabeth bishop thesis use the phonemic chart to write the statement college word that way. Whatever works for you, do it. It is also very important to sestina bishop review words regularly. This is the most effective way to college is important remember the words. So many people learn lots of words and sestina thesis, a week later they can’t remember them. Online Of Dissertation! I would recommend reviewing them one day after learning them for the first time, then one week later and then finally one month later. After that they should be firmly stuck in your head for good. Sestina Bishop! I am developing a vocabulary list for each of the topics above which you can access here.

2. Uw Personal Statement! Practice reading and listening within these topics. Sestina Elizabeth Bishop! To do well on your IELTS test you should practice at write a conclusion essay, home. Even just 60 minutes per day can make a big difference. This will not only improve all four skills but familiarise you with the common topics at the same time. Why waste time listening or reading something, if it is sestina bishop thesis about something that probably won#8217;t come up on thesis statement is important, the test? Unless of course you are listening or reading for pleasure, in that case, be my guest. If you are reading an English newspaper, look for articles on the common topics and highlight any good vocabulary. If you like listening to the radio or podcasts, find ones on the common topics. Please check out my 25 online language learning tools for lots of ways you can study at home for sestina, free. This method is so effective that some of the best IELTS schools are starting to adopt this approach. If you are going to study or practice anything then do it within the context of one of the common topics.

For example, if you are practicing speaking with a friend on Skype, why not discuss one of the issues above? If you are practicing writing essays, find a question about online nederlands one of the most popular or repeated IELTS topics. This method allows you to practice both the skills and learn about these crucial topics. They also come up quite a lot in the speaking test. Bishop! Can I just focus on a conclusion, these topics and get a high band score? Obviously, there is much more to achieving a high score than just focusing on the repeated topics but this will allow you to study and thesis, prepare in a smarter and more efficient way, giving you a huge advantage. However, I would like to add that it is also important to study things you have a passion for. If you are genuinely interested in a topic then it is much easier to essay study and you are less likely to bishop thesis quit. Please also make time to read, listen, talk and write about your passion. If you love football, read about your team everyday on Love fashion?- find some fashionista blogs.

Have a passion for photography?- why not blog about it? Have a passion for astrophysics? Listen to star talk radio. I looked at 15 Writing Task 2 papers over July, August and September of 2015 to see if the same common topics were coming up. Here are the topics: Traditional Culture Government Spending Technology Technology Education Health Technology Traditional Culture Education Health International Aid The Environment Economics Education Health. As you can see, Technology, Health and good sentences to end an essay, Education are still prominent Task 2 topics. It was interesting to see Traditional Culture popping up twice in sestina elizabeth bishop thesis such a short period of time, but that doesn#8217;t mean that it will definitely feature again soon. Nederlands! I still think that Technology, Health, Education and the Environment are important topics and will feature regularly in the future.

Reading within these topics will help you and you will also pick up other vocabulary just by reading about sestina elizabeth bishop thesis them. The important thing is to read actively. When you see a word you don#8217;t know, note it down and find out the meaning, collocation and synonyms. Soon you will have a notebook full of new words and you review them regualelry until they become part of your vocabulary. Thesis Statement College Is Important! Here#8217;s a live video I did on Facebook about this topic: I would recommend looking at our IELTS task 2 page for lots more lessons, tips and sestina bishop, sample task 2 answers. Uw Personal Statement! The best way to bishop thesis keep up to masters of architecture thesis date with our latest posts is to bishop like our page on Facebook. There are also daily practice activities on our Facebook page. As always, if you have a question about this post or anything else, please let me know in the comments section below. Write A Conclusion For An Essay! 46 Comments on 10 Most Common IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics Chris. Sestina! am not able to watch ur video.any idea? i think the first step is to pass the ielts exam is to masters of architecture thesis project understand where you are on in regards to sestina elizabeth bishop thesis your 4 skills and then prepare your plan ,without plan and agreed source of knowledge you will be lost . the question is how to prepare a proper plan to of architecture thesis project enhance your skills ,get familiar with the exam ? also if you can prepare PDF for all the Tips that we need to take care of during the sestina exam of the 4 skills ,that will be great . hello from online uzbekistan))) Hello from Tashkent)) Home » Writing Task 2 » 10 Most Common IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics. Check your email for the link.

Advantage Exam Preparation Limited. 4 Castleglen Park, Dundrum, County Down, BT33 0WL United Kingdom. Bishop Thesis! The information on this site is for write, information purposes only. IELTS is elizabeth a registered trademark of University of Cambridge, the British Council, and IDP Education Australia. This site and it's owners are not affiliated, approved or endorsed by the University of sentences to end, Cambridge ESOL, the British Council, and IDP Education Australia.

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Essay: The accuracy of Ultrasound versus Magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of elizabeth, placenta previa-accreta: review of the masters of architecture thesis project literature. KEYWORDS: diagnosis, accuracy, placenta previa, ultrasound, MRI, accreta. Purpose: To evaluate the accuracy of ultrasound (US) versus magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in sestina bishop thesis the diagnosis of statement for why, placenta previa (accreta) to determine the sestina bishop thesis most useful imaging modality in suspected cases. Methods: a search was performed on the following databases: Medline, PubMed and Science direct for appropriately reviewed publications on the selected topic. The search used a combination of terms in each database such as *accuracy *ultrasound *Magnetic resonance imaging *placenta previa *accreta and uw personal statement *diagnosis. All published in English and varied publications in the United States and Egypt. Most databases provided search results of 55 papers, with science direct yielding the most relevant results. From 19 relevant articles, a selection of sestina thesis, 10 papers were made, chosen studies fulfilled predefined criteria.

Results: The highest noted sensitivity for ultrasound was 95.1% by a study from (Warshak et al. 2006) and the lowest sensitivity was presented by statement, Riteau et al. (2014) and was 35.5%. Conclusion: MRI can help with signs of signs PPA not visible on ultrasound e.g. dark intraplacental bands, a distinct sign that can predict the presence of accreta. Thesis. Most authors have come to the conclusion that wherever ultrasound falls short in write diagnosing PPA, MRI should be as a tool for further investigation. Placenta previa accreta (PPA) can described as the atypical deep attachment of the placenta to the uterine wall. Classification of placenta previa accreta is classified on the basis of the sestina depth of myometrium invasion (Marrinan, 2013). Essay. In the incidents of PPA increases with a known risk factor such as increased maternal age and can lead to emergency hysterectomy with life threatening chance of sestina bishop, haemorrhaging, renal distress or failure, and possibly death (Committee Opinion No. 529, 2012). Suspicion of PPA can be accessed through previous patient’s clinical history and imaging. Cases have risen in the United States due to the rising number of caesarean deliveries. According to RCR (2011) Obstetric haemorrhage is sentences, a major causes of maternal death in less developed countries, up to 50% of the estimated 500,000 maternal deaths that occur globally each year.

Deaths from obstetric haemorrhage are uncommon in the United Kingdom. Previous caesarean sections mean a greater chance of PPA occurrence again. As the number of caesarean sections increases, so does the risk. Accurate diagnosis will allows for optimum obstetric management, preparations can be made to recruit a skilled surgical and anaesthetic team, time and place for delivery and transfusion arrangements (Perez-Delboy and Wright, 2013). Ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging have been the modalities of choice in the diagnosis of PPA, but the there are questions of bias from previous review on the high accuracy of ultrasound due to its dependency on the skills of the sonographer. Both by ultrasound and MRI have features for the efficient visualisation of elizabeth, PPA signs e.g. intraplacental lacunae for U/S and uterine bulging for MRI (Teo et al., 2009).

The aim of this review is to uw personal statement assess and determine the accuracy of ultrasound and MRI in the diagnosis of placenta previa accreta and elizabeth bishop thesis also to look into the specific features of each modality that aid in the diagnosis of PPA (Mar et al., 2015). A search of the following databases was carried out: Medline, PubMed (National Library of completion of dissertation, Medicine) and sestina bishop Science direct appropriately reviewed publications on the accuracy of ultrasound versus MRI in the diagnosis of PPA. The search used a combination of terms in each database such as *accuracy *ultrasound *MRI *placenta previa *accreta and *diagnosis. All published in English and varied publications in the United States, France and Egypt. Most databases provided search results of 55 papers, with science direct yielding the most relevant results. Uw Personal. From 19 relevant articles, a selection of sestina elizabeth thesis, 10 papers were made, chosen studies fulfilled predefined criteria. The chosen papers were then read and 10 full text papers were finally reviewed. Important features which make each modality suitable in the detection of PPA are addressed by the literature. Parikh et al., (2008) Sensitivity is the ability of a test to correctly identify an individual who has disease present and specificity as the good an essay tests to correctly identify an sestina elizabeth bishop thesis individual as free from the disease. The percentage of patients with a negative test who do not have the thesis for why college disease (negative predictive value) must be low while (positive predictive value) for a diagnostic tool should be high (Naeger et al, 2013). The above qualities are needed for a test to be seen as accurate.

The highest noted sensitivity from elizabeth bishop all 10 reviewed articles for uw personal statement, ultrasound was 95.1% by bishop thesis, a study from (Warshak et al. 2006) and the lowest sensitivity was presented by Riteau et al. Write For An. (2014) and was 35.5% this study was looking at accuracy for bishop thesis, solely ultrasound. Statement. In a study by Lim et al. Sestina Bishop Thesis. (2011) MRI correctly predicted PPA in 23 of 26 cases and reflected most of the literature as MRI had a relatively high sensitivity all through ranging from the 70-89% but when it came to specificity 50% was the lowest (Riteau et al. 2014) and a range as high as 65-100% from of dissertation a study from Berkley and Abuhamad. (2013). Studies such as Hamisa et al. (2014) Uses features of U/S and MRI such as intraplacental lacunae or uterine bulging to ascertain accuracy, does not mention percentages for sensitivity, specificity or PPV or NPV.

Agrees with (Comstock and Bronsteen, 2013) for e.g. interruption of elizabeth bishop, bladder uterine interface showed 93% sensitivity and 84% specificity. Accuracy: sensitivity, specificity, PPV #038; NPV. In the study done by Mansour and for an Elkhyat (2011), transvaginal ultrasound was not performed in cases where pregnancy was advanced to sestina bishop avoid risks such as premature rupture of membrane or in cases of statement, already ruptured membrane to avoid infection. In this study they presented the data of a sensitivity of 86.6 % and 80% specificity for ultrasound with an accuracy of elizabeth bishop thesis, 82.8%. They stated that U/S had true positive diagnosis of 86.6% and MRI in 93.3%.

U/S displayed false positive prediction in four cases, and in sentences to end an essay 16 cases true negatives and false negatives in 2 cases. MRI showed less with false positive predictions in only three cases with true negatives in thesis 17 cases, one more than U/S and false negatives in only one case. It is ascertained that U/S had a positive predictive value (PPV) of 89% while MRI had 94.4%. Negative predictive values (NPV) were higher in masters of architecture MRI than U/S by bishop, 5.8%. Bowman et al. (2014) examined 55 patients with PPA. All had ultrasound only to access the accuracy of just ultrasound. In the end they ascertained from their independent observations that U/S had a Sensitivity of 53.5%, specificity of 88.0%, positive predictive value of 82.1%, negative predictive value 64.8%, and accuracy were and 64.8%. 27% true positives, 5.9% false positives and for false negatives 16% and 12.3% had uncertain diagnosis. This study unlike Mansour and online completion Elkhyat (2011) find ultrasound highly specific but disagree on how sensitive it can be as it is much lower in this study by bowman.

It is stated that ultrasound may not be as sensitive as previously described by other studies. The accuracy for sestina bishop thesis, ultrasound for this study was lower as well. Hamisa et al., (2014) the mean age amongst women in this study was 32.25 years. 25 cases of previa were diagnosed and 4 complicated by accreta. This study had showed and agreed with the write U/S and MRI features demonstrating similar findings of PPA as found in sestina the Bowman study.

Written in three stages according to the first to third trimesters of pregnancy, the authors of write a conclusion, this literature used specific findings of PPA in both U/S and sestina elizabeth thesis MRI to masters of architecture thesis ascertain accuracy of elizabeth, both modalities. Utility of clear space in of architecture thesis project the diagnosis of accreta was a sensitivity of 73% and a low sensitivity (20%) if using interrupted bladder line in diagnosis of PPA but high is PPV of 96%, sensitivity may be low as not all women had transvaginal ultrasound scans. The authors determined that the more lacunae the more likely the presence of PPA (Comstock and Bronsteen, 2013). Just like in sestina elizabeth thesis the Comstock paper, Berkley and sentences Abuhamad, (2013) also discusses specific signs seen in the three trimesters such as lacunae, myometrium thickness etc. grayscale sonography is the tool of choice in prenatal diagnosis of placenta accreta. With sensitivity has been reported in sestina elizabeth thesis the range of 77% to 87%, specificity of thesis statement for why college is important, 96% to 98%, PPV of 65% to 93%, and an NPV of 98%. The overall reported sensitivity of MRI is sestina elizabeth, 80% to 85% with specificity of 65% to 100%. In the Riteau et al. (2014) paper, 42 patients underwent both ultrasound and for why is important MRI to sestina access suspected cases of PPA. Ultrasound was successful at diagnosing all 26 cases of PPA but also diagnosed adherent placenta. Sensitivity for U/S diagnosing accreta was 100% and 76.2% for MRI, specificity for U/S was 37.5% and for MRI 50%.

Correct diagnosis was made using U/S in 76.2 of the cases and 66.7 with MRI. Specificity is very low in U/S in this study but higher for MRI. Online Nederlands. Dwyer et al. (2006) reviewed a cohort of 32 patients who were risk of PPA and underwent both U/S and MRI examinations were identified. U/S had sensitivity of 93% and sestina specificity of 71% while MRI had a sensitivity of 80% and a specificity of 65%. Unlike the Riteau paper U/S is masters project, higher in specificity while they both roughly had similar sensitivity and specificity for sestina elizabeth thesis, MRI. Maher et al. (2013) of sentences to end, 577 diagnosed with Placenta previa. 42 had placenta accreta, 49 of these were diagnosed prenatally. U/S accurately diagnosed placenta accreta in 33 of 39 of women and correctly ruled out bishop thesis, placenta accreta in 512 of 514. Online Nederlands. Sensitivity was 95.1% and specificity 95.5%. MRI accurately PPA in six of 20 cases and correctly ruled out placenta accreta in 10 of sestina thesis, 20 cases with sensitivity at 85.7% and specificity at 76.9%.

It is highly suggested in the study carried out by Lim et al. (2011) in three patients examined out of the thirteen accessed, MRI showed signs of PPA 4-7 weeks earlier than ultrasound did, however one of the three patients at 23 weeks had an ultrasound scan showing signs of lacunae. This patient had positive MRI findings of PPA at 24 weeks. In a report by Warshak et al. (2006) which presents the accuracy of both modalities measured on confidence intervals and believe that in general MRI performed better than U/S but suggest that with overlaps in confidence intervals the superiority of MRI with gadolinium over U/S is seen at statistically insignificant. Specific U/S and MRI features. Ultrasound demonstrated some findings that most if not all reviewed literature agreed with finding such as presence of placental lacunae.

Most of the literatures consider the presence of intraplacental lacunae to uw personal be the most indicative U/S feature in the diagnosis of PPA. This feature was a good indication for high sensitivity but meant PPV and specificity were relatively low. While in regards to MRI; findings of placenta accreta complicated by placenta previa presented the following signs, uterine bulging, heterogeneous signal intensity within the placenta, dark intraplacental bands on T2-weighted images, and focal interruptions in the myometrium wall, tenting of the sestina bladder, direct visualization of the uw personal statement invasion of pelvic structures by placental tissue. Ultrasound is a popular means of investigation when the diagnosis of PPA is needed. In many studies the author explore the use of U/S by delving into grey scale ultrasound, colour Doppler U/S or transvaginal and transabdominal techniques. Though U/S in more readily available, inexpensive, mobile and safe for sestina, patient to a certain degree. It is a modality just like MRI that depends heavily on the experience of the examiner, what they can see and write essay their ability to differentiate PPA from elizabeth other conditions. U/S faces limitation causes by posterior placenta and a large body habitus. MRI can be useful where U/S findings are limited and can be used in correlation with U/S. Uw Personal Statement. a study carried out by Mansour and Elkhyat (2011) seem to find the need for both modalities to work hand in hand whilst studies done by (Comstock and Bronsteen, 2013) think that MRI was not as useful as they hoped that it would be.

A study carried out by Warshak et al. (2006) concluded that MRI used in addition to elizabeth bishop ultrasonography added little value to the diagnostic accuracy of PPA. Bowman et al. (2014) agree with the featured U/S findings of statement, PPA mention above they believed that a strong indication of the presence of sestina bishop, accreta could be determined by placental lacunae. Hamisa et al., (2014) found that lacunae are seen in uw personal all cases of placenta accreta. This was statistically significant when predicting accreta. They carried out colour Doppler in order to be able to differentiate whether the cystic or vascular spaces are seen could be lakes. Elizabeth Thesis. (Comstock and masters of architecture thesis Bronsteen, 2013) made investigations using colour doppler and spectral ultrasound, and found that lacunae have high-velocity and low-resistance flow and are irregular in cross section on grey scale U/S, this view of lacunae being a strong U/S indication is shared by Berkley and Abuhamad. Sestina Elizabeth Bishop Thesis. (2013). Lacunae is online of dissertation, found deep in the placenta, irregularly shaped, and not rounded as is found with placental lakes. They also found that lacunae alone had a higher sensitivity of 93% and bishop a PPV of 93%. Riteau et al. (2014) study found the masters of architecture thesis project U/S features that presented a better sensitivity for the detection of placental invasion were intraplacental lacunae and loss of the normal retroplacental clear space. Lim et al. Sestina Bishop Thesis. (2011) showed areas of high dark intraplacental bands on T2-weighted images were significantly different in the patients where PPA was not present. The study performed by Lim, performed MRI on at-risk women regardless if they had U/S scans showing indicative ultrasound findings of PPA, had pathological proof of PPA from caesarean hysterectomies and included Comstock showed that the MRI showed a moderate-size dark band as well most of the other papers that were reviewed. Most authors agreed on myometrium thickness, most studies found that using U/S over the site of to end an essay, placental implementation where it was found that thickness was more than 1 mm was a strong indication of placenta accreta, this was statistically significant.

The accuracy of diagnosis appears to improve using more than one ultrasound technique combination. Using three grey scale signs such as retroplacental clear space, disruption of bladder line and intraplacental lacunae), some studies agree that a combination of these techniques can help in differentiating between accreta and percreta, as can be found in studies done by Hamisa et al. (2014) and Berkley and Abuhamad. (2013). Comstock et al. (2011) found that the grey scale signs mentioned above and sestina elizabeth bishop thesis found that when using two or more criteria the good an essay sensitivity was 80% and the PPV was 86% however, lacunae had a higher sensitivity and PPV value. Warshak et al (2006) the oldest study compared U/S and MRI with gadolinium for diagnosis and evaluation of placenta accreta. Ultrasound was highly specific with 77% sensitivity while MRI with gadolinium had showed 100% specificity. The high statistical values in the study may be because they had performed routine both transvaginal ultrasound and sestina elizabeth bishop transabdominal techniques when evaluating patients with accreta as well as using gadolinium in the MRI exams according the sentences an essay authors it had clearly defined the outer placental surface close to bishop the myometrium clearly. Riteau et al. (2014) stated that they did not see an statement increased accuracy in MRI when using gadolinium or diffusion-weighted MR imaging.

In the Dwyer et al. (2008) study, they had lower specificity for both U/S and MRI than in the Warshak study. These differences could be due to ascertainment/referral bias e.g. in the patients they sampled and a retrospective study. No significant difference between the U/S and MRI could be shown in sestina bishop the Dwyer study. The difference in the specificity of U/S between studies could be that transvaginal U/S was used in Warshak study but was not routinely used in the Dwyer study. According to Webb and online Thomsen, (2013) prior to 2006 most radiologists thought that gadolinium-based contrast media were safe for sestina bishop, use in pregnant and lactating women till information of of architecture, a link between nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) and exposure to gadolinium made it clear that they are absolutely contraindicated in pregnant women.

Only transabdominal sonography was used the study carried out by Lim et al. (2011), unlike who Berkley and Abuhamad. (2013) suggests that If the diagnosis of placenta accreta is sestina thesis, needed, transvaginal sonography should be the go to imaging modality suggests and may for some patients the statement only modality needed for elizabeth bishop, diagnosis. The Hamisa et al. (2014) suggests the combinations of both grey scale U/S and colour Doppler techniques for a higher prediction of PPA. Of Architecture Thesis Project. Bowman et al. (2014) looks at ultrasound solely but came to a decision it may not be as sensitive a tool to sestina bishop detect PPA. In the write a conclusion essay study done by Lim accuracies of sestina bishop, ultrasound and MRI were directly compared in the same group of patients, as in online completion of dissertation the study by Dwyer. A weakness was the small sample size, which was due to the fact that only patients who underwent both ultrasound and MRI studies were included. Bias was another inherent factor in sestina thesis their pilot cohort study Maher et al. Online Of Dissertation. (2013) is a study like Dwyer that didn’t use contrast but noted a limitation for not directly comparing the accuracy of U/S and MRI and the small amount of patients sampled. The reviewed literature show some authors in agreement that ultrasound is the elizabeth bishop thesis most commonly used diagnostic imaging modality and most sensitive for the diagnosis of PPA, due to the fact that it isn’t time consuming, non-invasive, accurate, inexpensive and thesis more readily available than MRI. Grey-scale ultrasound is taught to be the tool of choice since it is the most widely available but some authors believe colour Doppler to be the best choice when sensitivity and PPV in ultrasound is concerned. Most authors also argue the best means of examination to be transvaginal while some other studies only looked at transabdominal scanning. Accessing the value of each feature of both modalities according to its PPV and elizabeth NPV is important in accessing characteristics of PPA. MRI can help with signs of signs PPA not visible on ultrasound e.g. dark intraplacental bands, a distinct sign that can predict the presence of accreta.

Most authors have come to the conclusion that wherever ultrasound falls short in diagnosing PPA, MRI should be as a tool for further investigation. I would like to thank Dr. Martin Benwell for his contribution and critique and my family for all their love and support. negative predictive value. magnetic resonance imaging. positive predictive value.

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